July 22, 2014

July 16, 2014

July 8, 2014


Another view of vintage kauai quiver circa 1981… I love this tail shot of the deck lines and tail contours… The logos were all cut out of masking tape with an xacto knife and sprayed, even the little script stussy logos at the end of the ss cube boxes… I think it is safe to say all these years later that these boards look pretty fly, and I remember this was a great year for my boards on kauai, with some really good guys riding them… stoked


Kauai winter 1981 quiver with the first TRI-fin I ever shaped, a magic board by all accounts… Just coming off twins and singles, the three fins were a good addition to the world of surfing, obviously, but part of me missed the delicate dance of riding the twins in really good waves. The TRI was way more predictable and easy for more type of surfers to ride in more types of conditions… But, when a real twin guy, like MR or POTTS would connect it was pure dance with the ocean… In my humble opinion SIMON did not have the touch, finesse and feel to ride the twins properly, which led to him putting the third fin on to temper the ferrari-esque twin characteristics… But hey, that's just this old goats opinion, but I was way into it to say the least… oh yeah, that little purple and orange deck single in the back of photo was also a crazy good board, wonder where those things are?… also, i really think the lime railed and the pink railed singles look damn nice, even by todays standards, they had foam sandwiched handmade single fins made in my shaping room… 35 years ago, what a long strange trip it's been...