December 16, 2010


How completely dope is this thing...

December 15, 2010


Came across these photos of my Kauai group of boards for the winter of 1981... They are laid out on Cosbey's lawn in Kilauea... The little one is officially the FIRST tri-fin I ever shaped, was a magic board that I think of to this day... Eventually ended up in Byron Wongs hands for some of the best surfing I have ever seen first hand, shit was nuts!!! 5'8" was the length, and coming off of twin fins the thing went off... Anyway, seeing these boards 30 years later, they still look sexy to me... Rockers were flat, rails had some squareness, things were crisp for the times... note: the little written note was from the same time, thought it was appropriate to keep it with the photos...

December 14, 2010



Bond meets Mad Men...

December 13, 2010


Love this dude...

November 21, 2010


A mellow ride with a minimum of equipment... We don't need no stinking brand names...

November 18, 2010


100% cotton, made in america, traditional styling...

November 11, 2010


The studio is starting to feel lived in...

November 10, 2010


Just got in these beefy zipped hooded sweatshirts... Built tough in Canada with the Reigning Champ crew, I am stoked how these came out... Kinda slim fit, so keep that in mind when considering...

November 2, 2010


These gentlemen all have the hat thing down... The guy at the bottom could play guitar pretty good too...

November 1, 2010


Just released a group of five white tee shirts, limited quantities, check them out at S/Double storefront...


How about this for a group of influential dudes... Once again a killer style sense runs through the bunch... I loved the clothes from before the rock and roll era, seems when the Beatles came out everything changed... Ivy League through the eyes of creatives and surfers in the late fifties, very early sixties still reigns supreme in my book...

October 31, 2010


Who is our eras version of this guy?... I cannot help but comment on homeboy's natty threads, the whole package is working... Seems pretty spot on even by our current standards...

October 30, 2010


Love everything about this dude... His ability, his showmanship, his manipulation of the media, his beliefs about war, his agility, his place in history... I often wonder if this type of place in the world is duplicatable in this ramped up era we travel in?.. You know those knuckles have seen some crazy shit... Hats off to the greatest...

October 29, 2010


This photo displays the west coast uniform I wore growing up as a young dude... Of course for me it was Topsiders instead of the loafers, followed a few years later with Vans... When it cooled off you slipped on a Pendelton or a McGregor drizzler, maybe a grey heather sweatshirt... Come to think of it, I still dress the same way more or less... Keep with something long enough and that shit rolls back around... Stand Firm...

October 28, 2010


Dream big all you kids in bands, all kinds of things are possible... Is it just me, or is this the best the Stones ever looked...

October 27, 2010


Maybe it is because I am the father of three boys, but these shots together really makes me wonder what could have been...

October 26, 2010


The fabulous miss Holiday getting to the next gig... I wonder who's horn she's holding...
UPDATE... a couple of nice people got ahold of me to point out this is not a young Billie Holiday in this photo, that actually the photo is of Mrs. Donald Byrd... Instead of changing the text, I am just going to add this update on to it, showing that everything is a fluid mix of dialog... I must say, I went through several online image databases to make sure it was truly Miss Holiday, and sure enough, there she was... I questioned her looks when comparing to later photos, but chalked the comparisons up to her life of drug use... You can be sure I would be a hack journalist... Anyhoots, I love the vibe of this photo, and you can bet the horn is her old mans...

October 25, 2010


Teach them well...

October 20, 2010


Now this could sway one to discover the art of tandem kite surfing...

October 19, 2010


What's up crew... It has been a month since I last put something up on this here blog zone... I have been really focused on my studio and all that goes on in it... Some time away has been nice, but duty calls and I will refocus on this venue (unless the surf gets good)... SS

September 19, 2010


Okay, I must say I have been lagging on the blog front lately... Lots going on, will try to get back on track... SS

September 10, 2010


This whole vibe is looking pretty good right about now... Sign me up... SS

September 8, 2010


Che ready to hit one long bomb...

September 7, 2010


What a classic shot of the fantastic miss BB at a very early stage of her adventure...

September 5, 2010


Simple and clean...

August 31, 2010


Santa Barbara is finally beautiful, after a misty summer... Enjoy it this Labor Day...

August 30, 2010


Had a couple of good dinners with Jeff while in Tokyo last week... This was our first time to cross paths, and he has a good vibe... And no, that is not some new style of ascot, just a massive bib/apron situation we had to wear for the amazing Korean sauce that was flying... Thanks again to HF for some unreal meals... SS

August 29, 2010


Met Shin-san in his Tokyo shop for the first time... Dude sure does a good job with his business, biggest respect for pulling it off with flavor... I know, I know, the sunglasses inside are just ridiculous, but you should have seen how bad I looked in the other shot with them off!.. SS

August 27, 2010


I have had a ball in Tokyo this week, a couple of great dinners with Hiroshi and friends... I want to thank everyone for a great stay in one of my favorite places... You can tell by this shot my camera skills are not the sharpest after a belly full of Korean BBQ... SS

August 23, 2010


Rolled into Tokyo last night... The heat is a hot mess, the streets are steaming, getting ready for some mass humanity moments... I will try to keep you posted... SS

August 21, 2010


I would love this in four wheel drive...

August 18, 2010


Finally the sun has come out in my neck of the woods, please tell me the endless drizzle of this summer is over...

August 15, 2010


Color batch...

August 14, 2010


Some sick kinda flow going on...