December 31, 2009


Well, it's New Years Eve and it seems as good a time as any to tip a toast to the queen of bubbles... A few of these bottles have gone down this season at the Hawaii compound, leaving behind a pile of packaging... My good buddy down the road, Doug Britt, recycled the packaging into killer holiday keepers... So, enjoy your evening my friends, and stay fresh... SS

December 30, 2009


Okay, I try to focus on the positive and soulful with this little blog project here... But, on my cruise through the blogosphere this morning I come across this photo with explanation of what it is, blah, blah, blah... Well now I am forced to make one thing perfectly clear to any of the brethren that frequent this location, or anyone interested in my journey... I, Shawn Stussy, have nothing to do with the corporation using my surname in any way, and have not since I sold my interest many years ago... After seeing something of this caliber touted as something cool, I am more than a little confused and a bit embarrased to tell you the truth... Dude, please tell me this is not what people out there are waiting for... SS

December 28, 2009


Another year is coming to an end. Please excuse my tardiness on posting as of late, the surf has been great in Hawaii and I have found it hard to sit at the screen and goof around... So here is a simple shot that is as good of filler as anything I could think of... Enjoy the end of 2009... SS

December 24, 2009


A beautiful nose perch by Mr. Knost, sent along the etrain by Senor Campbellini... SS

December 23, 2009


How about this sled for a coastal cruiser?.. This is about as pared down as it gets, we don't need no stinking bumpers... SS

December 19, 2009


A modern version of the American dream, not much different in spirit I guess from my great grandparents who came from Europe also. Well, except for the steroids and movie career and government job ... SS

December 16, 2009


Mr. Monk wearing this type of hat in the proper spirit, seamless with the suit and tie... SS

December 12, 2009


This here is my road bike from the mid eighties... I have hung on to it since I got it new from my buddy, Daryl George, who ran a little shop in Laguna Canyon called Ozzies... He was buddies with all the Italian bike world guys... They would end up in Laguna every year during the big bike show in Anaheim... We would all get mexican food and they loved their tequila... This bike was a reissue of old graphics that Eddy had on a bike earlier, I forget the details... This bike was ridden pretty regularly 1983-1988... I always keep it hanging around as a reminder of great design... SS

December 9, 2009


Mr. Baker pulling off his totally cool and timeless look... This is the vibe I always hold up as the benchmark for gentleman of all ages...

December 8, 2009


This whole vibe has always worked for me... SS

December 7, 2009


Reduce your carbon footprint, get an eight pack for this winter... SS

December 6, 2009


After all those cool dude photos, I need to get back to the softness... Hope you enjoy this for the flow of it all... SS

December 5, 2009


Rocking his Banlon knit polo and simple chinos, Miki is the touchstone... Sizing up the situation... Feeling it... SS

December 4, 2009


Just explain to me how one could be more cool than this?.. But note, you only got so long to be this fresh if you follow in this guys footsteps... Homeboy took another visual path later in life, but there is no denying his flyness here... SS

December 3, 2009


This guy is at the very top of the cool dude list... Do the best you can with what you got... SS

December 2, 2009


I love this gals whole deal... I remember laying around and listening to that Mingus album thing when it first came out... Shit was cool... And, she would have been perfect in the Citroen... SS

December 1, 2009


Another great shot of the fabulous Citroen DS... This time with the equally dope, Jane... SS

November 30, 2009


This French car has always been at the top of my list... I drove a 64' DS19 from 1972 through 1976... It was a dream sled, with a ride like buttah... Mine was charcoal grey with red velvetish interior, air suspension, and with a Bowie haircut, I thought I was running things!.. Anyway, I at least dreamed of having babes like this post up... SS

November 29, 2009


I am not sure on this, but I think this was a present to Abe from Thomas Edison, or some shit like that... Look it up... SS

November 28, 2009


I have wanted to use this photo for awhile now and it seemed to fit in the glow, so here you go...

November 27, 2009


After the Andre post, this color and vibe just seems logical... Do not know why?.. SS

November 26, 2009


The stickers say he might have had a posse, but you know he didn't need it... Wave your hands in the air, and bask in the glow like you just don't care... SS

November 25, 2009


Think about what music would be like without this guy... What an amazing amount of great music that has flowed through him... And, I have enjoyed my sightings of him walking the beach on Hanalei Bay over the years... Big respect... SS

November 23, 2009

PN again

The real deal, not trying too hard... SS

November 22, 2009


Another one of those guys that just pulled it off... SS

November 21, 2009


Here is another shot of timeless American style... As of late I see alot of fashion boys attempting to sport their rugged look of the highlands, well here is the real deal.. Take notes...

November 20, 2009


This man and his style are so timeless and spot on in my opinion... He took traditional clothing and busted it in such an effortless and masculine way... Not shouting that I'm rough and tough as with other choices from his day... No leather jackets or bad boy trimmings... SS

November 17, 2009


Mr. Davis looking clean and fresh... Giving Paul Newman a run for his money for this kind of gear... SS

November 15, 2009


Pretty clean design considering the era and the location... SS

November 14, 2009


A great shot of an American artist early in his journey... SS

November 13, 2009


I really like this photo of a young musician starting out... Before it all got crazy and new and shit... He looks like he could be a cool surf kid from your beach... I always like the photo of the very accomplished person right as it was starting to happen for them, before they become the iconic thing they became... SS

November 10, 2009


Any one of these three vehicles could slide right into my garage if I had my way... Perfect for the surf gear and a road trip... Got my eye out for that next whip... SS

November 9, 2009


Just like the mighty penguin, when the batteries fail... Got me jumping through a hoop of real fire, kleenex wrapped round the coat hang wire...

November 8, 2009


Who would not love to enjoy this beach and sky on a fall day, and of course a 5 foot left running up the beach just out the right side of the photo... No worries, keep it simple... SS

November 7, 2009


At first glance it seems as if Miki is giving this kid a cool and friendly thumbs up... Then it hit me, I think he is telling this stoked young grom to get the hell out of his face... Either way, I am feeling the two long channels on the Greg Noll board... SS

November 6, 2009


Miki in trim is a wonderful thing... SS

November 5, 2009


A follow up on the last post... A cool shot of Wayne Lynch with a solid quiver... Mid to late 70's?

November 4, 2009


All of us have one favorite surfer, skater, skier or snowboarder that was just in the right spot for our evolution in the thing we live for... For me, as a young surf guy, the dude was Wayne Lynch... I think we are pretty close in age, so he was not from an older group ahead of me, but my same age group... Boards just dropped in length and the movie Evolution came out soon after... For me this is the iconic shot that was the mackdaddy of them all... I made at least a dozen boards with the same big black band and two little boxy stickers on the bottom... Today this photo has the same gut feeling for me as it did forty years ago... Damn, did i just say "forty years ago"... Holy freakin' mackeral... Hats off to Mr. Lynch for jah inspiration... SS

November 3, 2009


From the feel of this shot, people have been lurking with cameras for awhile now... Miki knew exactly what to do... SS

November 2, 2009


Some just get the cute gene, don't they... SS

November 1, 2009


So out of the blue Tom Adler walks up to the studio with Mr. Dora to say hello... So you could imagine my delight to be meeting the pops of a icon from our world... At 96 years young Mr. Dora has a twinkle in his eyes that is unbelievable... It is very affirming to meet someone engaged in life for the whole ride... Posted are some of my favorite surfing shots of Mr. Dora's offspring... SS