March 30, 2010


This early shot of Spike Jones could be clumped together with the previous post... Darken the hair and he's a ringer for a young Ruscha... Hey, I'm just saying... SS

March 29, 2010


While checking out the library of stashed photos, I was hit with the similarity of a young Ruscha and the young Deniro... I think the Ruscha shot is 60's with the Deniro shot early 70's... Could almost be the same guy... Anyway, just a simple observation from a guy that must have way too much time on his hands... SS

March 27, 2010


This guy deserves a shout for service and talent and maintaining integrity for many years... I kinda didn't want to post the early photo at the top for some reason, I want our earnest types to stand on their current merits, but dude was so spot on from my world as that character it just floated up there... Also, homeboy got the cutest Madonna years for sure... SS

March 19, 2010


A early shot of the Hawk at SanO on a relic... Velzy is looking buffed and going for some trim time... SS


A big shout to Hiroki for a great job of product design... Not really my cup of tea, but a wonderful take on a classic design brought into the modern world without loosing what is important... SS

March 18, 2010


France has produced some cool dudes and great gals over the years... This guy here is one of the best ever... SS

March 17, 2010


Another batch of folks that have formed my cultural point of view, in any number of weird ways... SS

March 16, 2010


If you are a big ol' tree...
We are a small axe...
Ready to cut you down...

March 12, 2010


Another amazing shot of a truly rock and roll couple... This is such a moment frozen in time from my coming of age... Remember, though it might seem a bit suspect from todays standpoint, early glam rock was the road to punk... Without Iggy, Bowie, the Dolls, MC5 and the rest, there would be no Ramones, which in turn set up the scene for punk to come around the bend... This era was cool because it was still only a certain type that got it, most called fag on it while listening to CSNY and the Eagles... It was a commitment to be the first to bond to this world... SS

March 11, 2010


Light saturation is a wonderful thing... Let things slow down and settle... SS

March 10, 2010


Shucks, this is one heavy buggah... Would be stoked to be on the beach for this day, heavy water to say the least... SS

March 8, 2010


Wow, the south of France never looked so good... This gal was the blueprint for so many young, blonde and fresh starlets to follow... Maybe even the origin of the cameltoe phrase for all I know... SS

March 6, 2010


Having dinner last night with TA, CR and Pricco, we started talking about favorite photos and stuff... So Adler pulls out this beauty and declares it one of his favorite Stecyk photos... I had never seen this flavor from CR before, and I gotta say, Tom is right on... SS

March 5, 2010


One more cluster of the fabulous Miss Gainsbourg... Spot on style and flavor, kinda channeling Patti Smith in a really cool way... I am feeling it and a huge fan... SS

March 4, 2010


Right on the money... Miss Charlotte sets the bar in my opinion... SS

March 3, 2010


Came across this photo of me with my sister, Reggie, hanging in Grandpa Stussy's back yard... Hardcore representing for Las Vegas, I am pissed they made me wear a shirt on the links... SS

March 1, 2010


As time marches on, some things float to the top as best in class... This gal just gets more timeless as the eras come and go... SS