February 26, 2010


Last weekend a cool event went down in Santa Monica... It was titled INSPIRATION, and was a gathering of vintage heads from around the globe... Rin-san put the whole thing together and was his baby... It was really nice to see the real vintage crew all in one place exchanging ideas and talking story... I think this will be an annual event, so look out for it next year... Thanks for a great time mr. Rin... SS

February 22, 2010


Another cool shot of Mr. Bowie... This style is feeling really modern and current right now... The traditional oxford shirt and graphic tie of the perfect width sure hits alot of notes that are floating around currently... Homeboy sure came from a great style place, kinda went off on many tangents, but the root of his style presence starts here... And nothing beats a herpes flareup to round out the vibe... SS

February 20, 2010


Before there was punk, before the dogtown era, but right alongside Peter, Bunny and Bob, this artist here played a huge part in my musical journey... From 69 through 76', this was the most clever stuff to be had in my opinion... SS

February 19, 2010


Focused and charging...

February 18, 2010


Take a walk in the woods, clear your head... SS

February 16, 2010


How many young design bucks under 30 know what this is?.. I used to sit around for hours and play with this stuff coming up with new ways to manipulate type... Rubbing that shit with acquired nuance not to distort... The design world has changed dramatically since the computer has come on the scene, making it even more rewarding when vintage projects still resonate so many years later... I find it amazing that those things I did so long ago can still float a big corporate situation like my old company... SS

February 15, 2010


I am just feeling this... SS

February 10, 2010


Kicking it hard, trying to get this S/DOUBLE e/shop gig up and running... Will keep you all tuned as we get closer... SS

February 8, 2010


Love the vibe of this gal, simple and timeless... SS

February 7, 2010

THE CHAMP part two

Put up your dukes you art world pencilneck geeks... How many could last a round with the brilliance of this guy, not many I reckon... The line has been drawn in the sand, and for my money, no one has crossed it since this mans reign... SS

February 6, 2010


We all should look up today and say a word of thanks for the productivity of this man... He left behind his spirit and a body of work that is as religious for me as any established counterpart on this globe we all travel on... Never give up the questioning of the crazy baldheads running the world show... Stand Firm, I say... SS

February 5, 2010


As I have said before, it is all in the attitude... SS

February 4, 2010


We all can never forget the impact made by this man back in his heyday... If you are of a certain age, his presence on the television with Howard Cosell come fight time created amazing memories... The first complete showman from the sports world... I bow in respect... SS

February 3, 2010


A wonderful shot of the most relevant musician in my lifetime... Still can bring tears after all these years... None but ourselves can free our minds... SS

February 2, 2010


Pablo and friend hanging in his studio... I could see being creative with these surroundings... SS

February 1, 2010


Okay, I realize I have kinda slacked on the blog front this past few weeks... Went to Kauai with the family for the holidays, just for a couple of weeks, stayed for six weeks... The surf was pumping and the weather was perfect for planting... Went on a four week landscape flurry at the compound, with surf sessions crammed in here and there... Big brushstrokes of plant material are the ultimate paint to work with... So many things to consider when working with plants, size, shape, what will they be like in ten years... Anyway, I am back at the studio and will get on the case... Big aloha, SS


This is the daily ritual when in Hawaii... Coffee at the bay deciding where to paddle out or where to paddle to... This shot is during the summer, that is the reason for the boats... Come fall, the boats clear out, as the waves soon come... SS