September 30, 2009


Something about a tight shot in black and white...

September 27, 2009


George Greenough, at that whole intersection of McTavish, short board birth, water photography, tube shots, Wayne Lynch, Nat, proper foils and experimentation, he was a big piece of the puzzle... Also, I think it's cool he has really lived the life of surfing behind a soulful curtain...

September 26, 2009


It is a good thing to get in the water as much as possible, whatever the means...

September 25, 2009


Bob McTavish on what I consider the board that ushered our world into the short board age... Maybe someone closer to this moment in time might have more detailed info on this period, but for a young grom reading the magazines at the time, this shot is the iconic board for me...

September 23, 2009


For every action, there is a reaction...

September 22, 2009


The feeling of motion captured in a picture is a wonderful thing... SS

September 21, 2009


Had some buddies driving down the coast last week... Andy Davis, Tyler Warren with their buddy Chuck (taking this iphone picture) stopped into the studio for a drive by and a rap... Three distinct eras, all about 15 years apart, are represented in this picture... For me, it is a good feel to know that the torch is being carried by such a cool group of dudes... Watched some preliminary footage of the film Tyler is working on with a buddy, sick... Creative, soulful and exciting surfing, to say the least... Stand tall all you young bucks, claim your times and add to our surfing family tree... SS

September 20, 2009


Killer view, not for the timid...

September 19, 2009


Hooked up with one of our cultures truly original OG's the other day in San Diego... Mr. Greg Noll is the cat the two previous posts focused on... The middle shot is a tee shirt I did for his birthday a few years back... I love the shot standing on the wood blank with chainsaw going to town, with Rabbit as the wingman... Classic shit... A huge aloha to Greg and Laura from the Stussy ohana... SS

September 18, 2009


Some more shots of a pioneer in my world... This vintage group shows different times in the life of a solid contributor to our culture... I am digging the vibe, the Bull and the whole enchilada...

September 17, 2009


After viewing these photos, the takeaway is as clean and focused as any from a branding point of view... The black and white stripes were a brilliant brushstroke of claiming your turf... Not a soul could wear that but the man himself... Remember when this all went down, early 60's... Biggest respect from me for a masterful job done in a pure way... SS

September 16, 2009


A good beach walk is as therapeutic as it gets... SS

September 15, 2009


Perfect for loading up the standup and going for a paddle... SS

September 14, 2009


Love the vibe of this photo, though probably not the smell of the grit...

September 13, 2009

COOL CAT three

I sure wish this guy was still around and this happy... Can you even imagine the stuff that he would be coming up with... Stay Clean, Be Productive... SS

September 12, 2009


One more guy that floats above the fray in my opinion... I wonder what he and the guy below are looking at?... SS

September 11, 2009


Sometimes you just gotta call it when one dude nails the cool factor... This cat for sure falls into this category in my book... SS

September 4, 2009


Not only are these shades killer, they are worn by one counter culture original... The true touchstone of living the life of surfing on ones own terms... SS

September 2, 2009


Well, LA is burning and the weather is scorching... Surf is on the way with a full moon closing in... Seems like a perfect time to count our blessings... Enjoy every minute my friends... SS