July 31, 2009


Wow, found this old shot of a guitar I painted in probably 1980-81... I can't really remember who it was for, but you know you can hear Devo or Elvis Costello pumping in the studio at that time... Times change, and a lot of the times you look back and think "What the hell was I thinking?"... But do not be afraid of just going for it, at least you will have something to look back on... Go for it... SS

July 29, 2009

MAMMOTH 1978ish

Came across this memory lane shot for me... 1975 to 1980 this was my winter pad in Mammoth Lakes ski resort... It was a glorious 8' wide x 35' long 1950's trailer with bump out I built on when I bought it... Ski Trails, out Old Mammoth Road, $1,800 bucks and $75 a month space rent, skiing full on from Thanksgiving well into the spring... A great place to spend those formative young man days... Would not change a thing if I did it all over again... SS

July 27, 2009


A couple of photos from the days at the Brotherhood compound on 17th street in Huntington Beach... We sure had a ball in that old metal building left over from the oil derrick days... Some amazing surfboards were made there, where quality was always paramount... The outdoor shot is outside the Russell shop in Newport by the Crab Cooker... How nice are those clean single fin pintails looking right about now?.. A big thanks to Tim B. for the photos... SS

July 26, 2009


Some interesting muggs...

July 25, 2009


Which way are you traveling this summer, these two being the bookends of possibilities...

July 24, 2009


Love this guy, what a great ride he has had, semi under the radar...

July 23, 2009


Why do these people look like they are headed to Palm Springs to me?..


I get it, why it all went the way it did... How could you get here and not talk about it... Check the foliage in front of Diamond Head...

July 22, 2009


Design comes in all kinds of packages and forms... This is a beautiful example of when it all comes together in natural form... SS

July 21, 2009


Yeah, it's the one with the big palm tree in the middle, hope you can find it...

July 20, 2009


A cool look, with only a hint of the eyes... SS

July 19, 2009


You know, it is all in the eyes... SS

July 18, 2009


Feeling it, part two... SS

July 17, 2009


I am feeling this whole look... Not always do you have to be the springest of chickens too bust a fly vibe... SS

July 14, 2009


Found these old photos from the very dawn of the eighties... The top photo's board is dated May 7 1980 and it is brand new... The goofy foot is Mr. Russ Short in the land of the Oxen testicle... The regular foot is a young Mr. Mark Price working out on a new twin fin, deep vee tip to tail, never let it go flat, keep pumping... Also the new wave paintjobs were all new and crazy, the funny thing is I always had clear boards myself... I remember having to get Pat O'Neill to make me all black suits with a tiny old style logo at the same time all that Echo beach stuff was happening... SS

July 13, 2009


Alta Verde is the eccentric zone of a unique surf/skate OG in the heart of Santa Barbara's waterfront... A complete flea market vibe and wonderful eye informs the feel of this place... As an oldtime Rose Bowl guy I feel completely at home in this gentleman's club... The fabulous Melanie and CRSIII took top honors in the pool tourny... Thanks to JO'M for a great time... SS

July 12, 2009


Close ups of bulletin board stuff, workbenches and things like that always are interesting to me... I was messing with my new camera and quickly shot these... SS

July 11, 2009

MR. BECK two

At Mahoney's rooftop lair (aka"Alta Verde") on Fourth of July, some amazing guitar was being blasted right at fireworks time... It was so rocking and wailing with such supreme virtuosity I had to ask Jim who it was... Jeff Beck was the answer and it made total sense... Revisit Beckola or Truth for the real metal guitar... SS

July 10, 2009


How many of you are ready for this June gloom to move the heck out of here?... At least in the Santa Barbara area, we have not seen the sun till afternoon, but glorious afternoons they have been... Enjoy your summer... SS

July 9, 2009


This is the wind you want when checking the surf... A little touch of offshore breeze always organizes things just right... SS

July 8, 2009


A solid birthday cheer to this really timeless troubadour... SS


A young grom making sure the news was true... One less soulful joint... SS

July 6, 2009


Big cheers for Sundays wonderful final at Wimbledon between Mr. Federer and an amazing Mr. Roddick... My oldest son is a hard core tennis kid, and I find myself totally getting into watching these big tournaments with him... I was really not wanting it to end, and such a bummer feel someone had to lose... I was hoping for Andy to pull the upset, he got as close as you can without going home with it... SS


This group are some of my favorite actual utility rides... All are pretty much reduced to what is necessary and no fuss... I guess all those Mexico surf trips from way back inform my vehicle point of view... SS

July 5, 2009


I have always loved simple, earnest design in utility vehicles... This batch all have a functional vibe that I always gravitate to... SS

July 4, 2009


Enjoy your Fourth of July... SS

July 3, 2009


Even the city dwellers are leaving town with their boards this time of year... This out east boy is not looking overly comfortable with this interesting looking stick under his arm... In my mind it's all legal, with the killer tunes he passed our way... SS