June 30, 2009


Size does matter... Go ahead, make fun of my seventies suit and tie... Mr. Eastwood getting out his driver for this one... SS

June 29, 2009


Buffed, cut and ready to go... You talkin' to me?.. Do you find me amusing?..

June 26, 2009


A big heartfelt birthday shout to a true soldier... He was there at the fucking beginning, and so few can claim influencing so many from my world as this brother... A tilt of the champagne flute to a life lived... All hail the mack... SS

June 25, 2009


Talk about wild rides, you know homeboy lived his to the fullest... I want to thank Mr. Hunter T. for some amazing words that spoke to me the way I needed to be spoken to... SS

June 24, 2009


Would love to have had a cool beverage and saddle up to this conversation... Some hang time in the south of France is really sounding good right now... SS

June 22, 2009


Just a cool, sexy shot of a gal that must have really had a wild ride... It makes total sense what all the fuss was about... For me this is very timeless... SS

June 20, 2009


I really enjoy old Waikiki photos... Think of when this was considered "town" compared to today... The drive to the north shore must have seemed like another country far away... The one thing that has not changed is the surf, served up seasonally on opposite sides... SS

June 18, 2009


Here is a photo of a guy my aunt Max has sitting around her pad...
Won by my uncle Jan Stussy in 1977 for best short documentary...
The film is titled "Gravity Is My Enemy" about an artist who is
challenged beyond the norm... Directed by John Joseph about
artist Mark Hicks, Jan was producer and played himself in the film...
Moving and inspirational to say the least... SS

June 17, 2009


Please let me introduce you to Maxine Kim Stussy...She is one of my inspirations to keep working no matter what...At 85 years young, she is a powerhouse of productivity...Creating art alongside my uncle Jan for all their time together, they both really lived the post war, west coast art scene... Max started sculpting years ago, not to compete with Jan, who was a painter... My uncle Jan was an art professor at UCLA for close to forty years... Together they lived a very beat lifestyle... Both were great role models for what an artistic life could be... Here are a few shots taken around her house this past weekend... Big shout to Max for laying down the
template of a creative life for me to see... SS
ps... I wonder if she wore that sweatshirt for me, or if that 20 year old beauty is in constant rotation?

June 16, 2009


I came across this shot of some old screens from way back... I find it kind of amazing how many miles this design has clocked over the years... When I did this design around twenty years ago, I was just doing it for the immediate shock value of messing with the luxury brands at the time... Since leaving my old corporation many moons ago, they have had this design in pretty much constant rotation... They always have some attempt going to snazzy it up, breathe some life into the aging showgirl...I hope it will be remembered for the spirit in which it was created, and not some caricature of a watered down streetwear world... SS

June 15, 2009


From a time when the wheels moved slower in the PR world... A glossy 8x10 with a phone number did the trick... Wish it was still that simple... SS

June 14, 2009


I dig everything about these two pictures... Basic machinery and man in a dance on the dirt... I take that back, it looks like wood strips on the track, even cooler... SS

June 13, 2009


Read up on this classic guy from the surf world... A one of a kind character to say the least... Grab the book by Taschen, words by CR Stecyk III and photos by Mr. Art Brewer... I've also heard of some movie coming along?.. SS

June 12, 2009


How sexy is this beast?.. SS

June 11, 2009


This photo of JMB gets better every time I see it... I just love every little thing about it...The composition, colors and shapes are perfect... SS

June 10, 2009


A huge influence on my musical tastes, very early seventies... After the older surf crew turned me on to old blues and jazz, FZ seemed a logical distant cousin... His precision and mastery of music at that time really intrigued me... And a big award from me for doing it on his own terms while having the chops to pull it off... I have spent multiple new years eves at the Santa Monica Civic in the old days with the Mothers... Stumbled onto Frank and his Grand Wazoo orchestra at Wembley stadium while backpacking through Europe in the early seventies... This was like stumbling onto mecca for a surf kid on the road... Standing alone in the crowd hearing him wail was a priceless moment for me... Sometimes I wonder why Hip Hop guys have not realized the beats and rhythms of his library... I don't understand how to make music, but for my ear there must be plenty stuff for someone like a Dr. Dre to go nuts with... Anyway, this is a nod to a great part of my musical journey... SS

June 9, 2009


Just a pink moment thing, nothing else... SS

June 8, 2009


I like how these shots kinda work together... They hit a lot of notes that are both threatening and beautiful to the eye... Surfing fitting in no matter what... SS

June 7, 2009

S/DBL and VANS two

Above find the black version of the S/Double and Vans combo platter... SS

June 6, 2009


Okay, so here goes the third and final color of my first shoe adventure... We simply call this style "white buck" because it says it all... That simple phrase sums up a whole, complete picture for those who grew up in a post war into Kennedy era America... I stayed true to the iconic original with a slightly punk perspective... Think about a preppie romperstomper... Oi


Evan and CR stopped by the studio this week for a quick chat about the goings on... Always love to see Mr. Stecyk, and a bonus was J. Mahony did a drive by... The vietnamese place is always worth the time for killer grinds... Check out the magazine if you don't already... SS

June 5, 2009


Here is a look at the sneaker that Vans will be selling in shops that sling their Syndicate stuff...I was approached by buddies at Vans to take an existing style they were already running and pick some materials, colors and such... I decided to massage the avsk8lo model because I felt they never gave this model enough love in the choices available... So here you have it, thick waxy leather up front, ballistic nylon where normally canvas would be used... Waxed cotton laces and a red leather footbed with some graphics... This joint will be available in Navy w/white stitching and Black w/black stitching... Sorry I can't tell you exactly where to get this shoe, as S/Double is not involved in the selling or distribution... Ask around at your local shop that sells Vans for some details... This is a Syndicate thing that I guess you could say I guest designed on for them... I really want to get my hands on a pair of those Navy ones... I am feeling the marine, boating vibe of it... Ready for summer... SS    


The fabulous Paula in the new studio with first shipment of stuff... It is time to start thinking about getting it out there... Start asking around to see who will be carrying it... The new website will be up and running by October with our fingers crossed... SS

June 4, 2009


What, I owe you money?.. 

June 3, 2009


It gets no more beautiful or pure than this from my point of view... SS

June 2, 2009


I want to thank Blair "with the flair" for all his help this spring... He helped tons with stuff to get the new studio ready to go... Right as he was leaving to get back to Maryland where he has his shop, the very first batch of things showed up... Oh jah jah... SS

June 1, 2009


The feel of the flow... Let it run... SS