May 31, 2009


Well, the weather finally got nice as we were leaving our east coast beach outpost... A buddy sent along this photo he found somewhere that really sums up the clear, crisp vibe of spring into summer...It is just around the corner... Thanks Graham... SS

May 30, 2009


These photos are of a special man who is in someway responsible for the path I took in my development as a young guy coming up... He is known as "OLE" and was my ninth grade woodshop teacher in high school... He is one of the original board builders in the Southern California area... Ole plucked me out as an up and comer when he discovered I was building boards in my parents garage and might have some chops... I would like to thank Bob for giving a kid a chance and showing me the ropes in the shaping room... I still use the same original Skil 100 planer he gave me in 1970 when he checked out of his 9 to 5 and decamped to Maui, where he still builds boards daily... The generation of Ole and his peers really are responsible for paving the way for our culture of board building... I bow down in respect.. SS  
ps...... Middle picture taken on Maui at his shaping hut, circa late 70's... Bottom picture at San Onofre who knows when, that's Ole on the right... Check out the vehicles of the day... Cold 40's going down smooth...

May 27, 2009


Grey day in the northeast... Hanging out with the boys and getting caught up on deskwork... With all the wireless activity, how long will this view last... SS

May 26, 2009


Big up to the Supreme Crew for hooking up the most stoked seven year old in the country...He got this board all built and handed to him on his first trip to the city... Walked out the door and did his first street skating right at Prince and Crosby... Power to the yoots of today... SS

May 22, 2009


Off to the east coast for awhile... I will try to keep this blog train rolling while on the road... You all enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend...


This shot caught my eye because of the water point of view... Gotta be one of my favorite angles when paddling back up the point, watching the other guys doing their thing... I wish I could tell you who this is, as I love the style... Big shout... SS

May 21, 2009


These two cats are among my all time favorite artists... One has given me my soundtrack for too many years to admit, while the other has served up some of my favorite imagery since all was really stranger than paradise... Do not know either mind you, but came across this photo with both of them and could not resist... SS

May 19, 2009


I love the turn this kid is laying down... Solid drive and glide principles in full effect... Alternative equipment for those with an open mind... Thanks MM and TW for this combo platter from the youths of today... SS

May 16, 2009


Okay, so I thought it was time for a change of pace after those questionable dudes and their rides... I could not bring myself to look at them all weekend... So here is my visual change-up... 

May 14, 2009


When I think of a man and his ride, it makes me think of cool images...Steve McQueen and Paul Newman kind of thing... How in the world could these guys have missed the mark by so much... Except the two guys with the matching getups and truck got a little something going on, maybe it's the heavy weaponry... SS

May 13, 2009


After the movie scenario from my last post, I stayed in touch with Mr. McLaren sporadically... He would do a video for some act and come get some gear for the shoot... Well this led to that, 
and next thing I know I am doing art for this album shown here... Actually, there are some killer tracks on this joint... Released in 1990, well worth another listen, as Malcolm cannot be denied his place in our evolution of music... Respect those who pave the way... SS

May 11, 2009


So how many of you ever thought of Malcolm McLaren as 
a surfer type of guy?.. Well in 1988-89 he was spending time
in Cali, cruising the surfing subculture absorbing what he could, 
seeing if there was something to mine for future projects...
We spent time in Laguna together working on a dialect for
a script he was working on... The concept was a band of surfers
very similar to the Droogies in Clockwork Orange... They would
have their own dialect the way the ruffians in Kubricks film had...
We watched C.O. at least ten times, studying what made the 
Droogies speech so compelling... Nothing came of the time 
together, as the movie was scratched... But the best part was
his girlfriend at the time was Lauren Hutton... I got to hang and
talk and eat a bunch of meals with her and Malcolm... Here's
proof of London boy gone surfer dude... Check out the Astrodeck
logo I did for Herbie Fletcher on the tee and board... That art 
had to be done around 1986-7?.. Are you feeling the new waviness
of it all?.. SS

May 9, 2009


A special shout to all the Mothers in the crowd...
I know of three boys and a weird old design guy who
cannot even begin to express what theirs means to them...
Give thanks... SS

May 8, 2009


We are all more than a little worried here in Santa Barbara...
This fire threat is getting a bit old...
Cross your fingers for the area... SS

May 6, 2009


How cool and organic is this guys studio...
Brancusi laying it down way before photoshop...
Pick up a tool and build something... SS