March 31, 2009


Some more random images from roadtrip... SS

March 27, 2009


Please excuse my lag in posting... Took a roadtrip with the family towards the north... We had a ball having no schedule what so ever... Below find some photos from what was mostly tons of family shots... Spring break is in full effect... SS

March 21, 2009


Here is a peek at the first shoe to come out of  S/Double Studio... We call it the "Service" shoe as not to discriminate against any one trade or job that was the driving vibe for doing this model... It for a long time in development was called the "Cop Shoe", which seemed to fit pretty good... Then I start thinking of everyone else who would hopefully get it... Why couldn't it be the "Elevator Operator" shoe, or the ""Fireman" shoe, or the "Superintendent" shoe, or the "Janitor" shoe... You see where I am going with this... This style can go all the way to the Pee Wee Herman suit wearing no sock crew... My goal with S/Double is to make some simple pieces that you all can interpret in your own flavor... That was the coolest thing about those years at my old joint, seeing how many disparate groups latched on to what I was doing...
This model is done up in nice dress shoe leather, fully leather lined to the toe... The toe is round and chunky, flat on the earth... Old style waxed laces, tight and thin. Vibram soles and a beefy welt round out this first shoe of ours... Hope you are feeling it... Stand Firm... SS


This is a 1961 California Spyder... For my money this is as good as product design gets... SS

March 19, 2009


Well, why not continue on the curves theme... 
Maybe the girl part of it might be a bit of a stretch, 
but for sure the curves are in the house... SS

March 18, 2009


Okay, so this photo does not have the car or the boards that the previous post spoke so highly of... But it certainly has the girl and curves part of it in check... SS

March 17, 2009


I think it is all in the curves... The way cars, boards and girls all just feel so right together... This is way old school, but this type of vibe makes total sense why a surf culture caught on in southern California... Check the boards leaning up by the pit... SS

March 15, 2009


Get ready for some photos from my world growing up in the southern California surf culture...
I have a lot of shots that for me show the flavor of why I jumped head over heels into the counter culture of surfing... It was a world where you did not have to conform to the standard rigors of high school sports... Plenty characters live in this world, many had a huge impact on me as a skinny grom hanging around the beach... Many of these photos are honorably grabbed from wherever and whenever, so no disrespect intended to the original shooters... SS

March 14, 2009


This photo is in my original shaping room in Laguna canyon... The room where the first Stussy surfboards were shaped and sprayed, and glassed next door... This is 1981 and twin fins were happening... Check the double hard wings on the right... I kinda crack up at how my gear has not changed much over the years... The boatshoe style sneakers, they had to be Topsiders I think ...
Levis and a gray heather sweatshirt (short sleeve even) with white tee underneath... And always the Frank Zappa picture on the wall... SS 

March 13, 2009


Time to get out the pins and post up on my new bulletin board... Digging through choke amounts of stuff I have been keeping around for the new studio... Will follow up with a shot of the vibe all put together... SS

March 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I drive out to Vegas to cruise the tradeshows after many years of staying as far away from those type of things as possible... The highlight of the adventure was running across old buddies... Stash was one of the boys it was great to get caught up with... Along with Dante Ross we did some aisle hanging... Stash tells me a story of the old days traveling with BAD and wearing that logo I did for them during that time... Well here's proof of a fresh faced Stash in 1992 in front of an unfinished work... Enjoy your past, and work for your future... SS

March 10, 2009


The boys hanging out with their guitar teacher...
Okay, then I woke up from my dream...
This photo is a couple of years old now...
Why as a father it is cooler to see a photo of your kids
with someone you dig, than a picture of yourself with
same person?.. SS

March 9, 2009


How cool is this look... I think this is a photo of a very young A. Hepburn... Maybe the bike or dog caught my eye... It also looks kinda like Natalie Portman to me... It feels like this gal could hang... SS 

March 8, 2009


I am not sure if this is sunrise or sunset, but if you either start or finish your day with one of these you are one lucky bugga... SS


Okay, so I am moving into my new workspace and uncovering boxes full of old stuff I have not checked out for years... Coming across all kinds of weird things that I for some reason or other have hung onto... Finding all sorts of material that is funny or stupid or whatever... Anyway, here is a photo of myself hanging out with Tony Converse in the late eighties... Chanel, porkpies and wayfarers... Funny how fast things change into being the same... We all find our thing eventually... Tony is a great guy I have not seen in years, and every so often wonder what he is up to... We used to go to Tokyo and shop like crazed kids at Comme and Yohji when not many really knew what it was... Scoring fly suits to wear with shell toes or pumas... This is kinda even before ballcaps and shit...This Chanel bootleg tee shirt was the reason I did the design for my old company back then that seemed so timely... So prepare yourself for me probably strolling memory lane with the continued finds that I am sure I will unearth... And a big shout to Tony if you ever come across this... SS

March 7, 2009


This is just one of those gratuitous great shots... I don't know who took this photo, as I grabbed it cruising sites... Sometimes I am not above offering up random beautiful stuff for the pleasure of it all... SS

March 6, 2009


Here is a sneak peak at one of the shoes I am busting out sometime this May/June... I have built a hybrid workboot vibe on my sneaker platform... Thick, quality leather with familiar workboot signals done up in two colorways... The spirit of this project was when you wanted something a little more substantial than your sneakers, but not all the way up to your Redwings, this will fit the bill... The S/Double Workboot is fully leather lined all the way to the toe... I hope you all like this style as much as I do...  
PS... All S/Double footwear has a decidedly chunky stance on the earth, flat and substantially earnest... I have gone this route as a personal choice as other's shoes lately have trimmed way down to slender, narrow and sleek affairs... Vans eras are as thin as I can go... I came up as an old school sneaker guy in the eighties wearing solid basketball joints... This is where my footwear attitude was established and groomed... Workboots, Creepers, and Cop shoes when not in sneakers... This is the spirit I am going for with my S/Double footwear pieces... So those that are feeling the direction keep your eyes peeled as the other styles will be shown here soon... Thanks for listening to me babble... SS 

March 5, 2009


This little tear out has been hanging around my desk area for years... Seems some words just ring true no matter the times or the drama going on... Fight the good fight... SS

March 4, 2009


Big shout to James for a great read in Interview magazine... He has done a great job with his honest take on what skating is in New York, and has played a big part in the growth of this thing called "streetwear"... I for one hate using that moniker, but for lack of a better one, I will concede... SS


Waves never disappoint for sheer natural beauty... Sitting and watching the ocean unfold is akin to sitting by a big ol' bonfire and staring at the flames... Enjoy these things that are not attached to the messed up world scene... Happiness is in the flow... SS

March 3, 2009


Big love to the entire Lebon family... I remember James as one classic cat everytime our paths crossed... Just feel how cool in the bottom picture... When he had Paula and I over for a big dinner thing at his pad, I used the loo in his room. Looking around I could not believe homeboy had like 100 pairs of sneakers all with wooden shoe forms... All shiny and fly...He treated those sneakers like they were all from Lobbs and priceless... This was way early nineties and I thought he was such the mack with those shoes all in a row... And that low killer voice, sometimes I could have used subtitles... Our hearts are with Moni and the boys... SS  

March 2, 2009


This is the vibe I most love about Hawaii... Maybe gonna rain, maybe not... It is all about country, no rush, plenty time... SS

March 1, 2009


I want to share somebody with you guys... Mr. Doug Britt, one of my oldest buddies on Kauai for years is also one of my favorite painters and maker of trippy stuff from discarded floatsam and jetsam with killer patina... Wow, that was a mouthful... Check his stuff out... SS